Manini is YOUR ideal partner for taking advantage of the best opportunity of real estate

investment in a professional and safe way.

The Company offers services dedicated to those who want to:

- buy, build, renovations, and sell a property

- make an investment from the real estate sector

- facilitate the management of exclusive properties

We will develop with YOU a trusty relationship identifying the best opportunities and managing

the entire investment process; from the analysis of individual needs to the implementation of

“turn key" tailor made projects of investment.


It all starts with identifying needs, from the feasibility study, from the market analysis, from the definition of the objectives. We carry out consultancy

activities in an integrated manner, addressing all areas of the construction and real estate market.



Managing the brokerage of certain properties requires above all responsibility and confidentiality. Our portfolio is made up of prestigious villas

and historic residences, accommodation and wineries.



The Design of buildings in Sustainable Architecture is one of our main activities and is carried out both by the Manini Style Center and through

the collaboration and support of: Architectural Companies and external Designers.



The engineering process allows you to: minimise the possibility of error during installation, speed up the time spent in the construction phase,

reduce waste and facilitate future maintenance.



The Manini Group acts as a General Contractor, or as a single point of contact, as the work to be contracted is carried out. We are specialised in

the turnkey realisation of the project. Each site is planned and engineered ensuring standardised superior quality processes.



The Manini Group is a distributor of products related to the world of construction and furnishing accessories such as: fixtures, technological systems,

kitchens, etc. Our customers are mainly owners of private villas and accommodation facilities.


Please send your request and we will contact to you in the next 24 hours