One-off projects

Do you crave a home that is one of a kind, just like you?


The Manini Group turns your dream into reality with sustainable one-off architecture.

Not just a simple dwelling, but an exclusive and unrepeatable work, tailor-made to stand out and reflect your individuality.

Our skilled and talented designers will collaborate with you to shape your vision into a tangible project.

Fine materials, innovative technologies and meticulous attention to detail will transform your home into a work of art to be lived in every day.

Because your home is an extension of yourself, and we will transform it into a jewel without equal.

With the Manini Group's sustainable one-off architecture you can:

  • Own a home that is unique in the world, designed solely for you.
  • Work alongside our designers to create a concept personalized in every detail.
  • Select the finest materials and the most advanced technologies for your abode.
  • Live in a comfortable, safe and sustainable environment, respecting the environment.

Entrust the Manini Group to create the home that no one has ever imagined.

Together, we will bring your masterpiece to life.

A habitable work of art, expressing your individuality and style.

A dream that becomes reality, thanks to the passion and experience of the Manini Group.

Contact us for a confidential consultation.

We will be delighted to accompany you on this exciting journey.

One-off projects


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