20 August 2021

ART: Inedito, just creative

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ART: Inedito, just creative

INEDITO is the new brand of the Manini Group, in this new space directed by me finally art can show itself by bridging the enormous distance that is increasingly being created between the artist, his works and the market of possible buyers. The artists who will be enrolled, each with his or her talent, will have an important artistic path based and will occupy one of the 4 sections that INEDITO makes available to them: design, painting, sculpture, photography. They will be able to exhibit and sell their works on the e-commerce site of the Manini Group, the real estate platform visited by a very large international audience. Unlike the other realities that can be found in the sea of ​​offers, our proposal becomes unique and exclusive, because it manages to give 3 important elements in a simple way: an international portal, exclusive interviews with the artist and fantastic cultural events linked to the Open House of dream Villas. INEDITO stands out from other e-commerce because it offers a more heterogeneous and current reality, therefore it does not stop at the simple online trade of the works, but will give the artists the possibility of being able to exhibit, sell and also to do interviews that will be projected on the channels social networks of the group that are followed by countless followers. The icing on the cake for those enrolled in this fantastic new reality will be the opportunity to participate with a personal exhibition inside an Open House in one of the exclusive Villas for sale of the Manini Group. The Open Houses will be characterized by an audience interested in buying the house but also by people linked to the world of culture, especially art, design, cinema and theater, will put the artist in contact directly with the final user of his works! INEDITO was also created to clear art from the usual spaces, to bring it back, as it once was, to a prestigious location and make it part of people's daily lives. Living art every day is a beautiful rediscovery that can only bring well-being to the daily life of all of us! INEDITO does not end here, interviews will be made directly by me to the artists who will be part of this important project, where they will have the opportunity to make us understand how they see their art and where their research starts. It is very important to let art and above all the artists speak to understand its poetics. As Creative Director of INEDITO together with the Manini Group, we have created this new synergy that opens innovative and current spaces to every artist. We will not know if this new challenge will bring a new artistic current that will be studied in the history of art books, it is certainly a great opportunity for Italian and international artists to have a place, both virtual and real, where they can make their art live and sell their works in a completely natural context and without artifices!

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