25 April 2024

How much does a green building cost?

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How much does a green building cost?

A Green Building: A Sustainable Choice for the Future

A green building is a dwelling constructed with natural and low-environmental impact materials, employing construction techniques that optimize energy efficiency and minimize the impact on the ecosystem. These homes offer numerous advantages, including:

Energy Savings: Green buildings consume less energy due to efficient insulation and the utilization of renewable sources.

Living Comfort: The indoor climate is consistently comfortable thanks to controlled mechanical ventilation and the absence of mold and condensation.

Health: Natural materials and indoor air quality create a healthy and hygienic environment.

Environmental Friendliness: Green building reduces pollution and promotes sustainability.

Choosing a green building is an investment in the future, benefiting one's well-being and that of the environment.


Construction Times for a Green Building

Construction times for a green building vary depending on several factors, including project complexity, dwelling size, and chosen construction methods. Generally, however, the timelines are comparable to those of traditional construction.

A significant advantage of green building is the ability to prefabricate certain structural elements, such as wooden panels or housing modules, in a factory setting. This expedites on-site construction phases and minimizes the construction process's environmental impact.


Why Choose Manini Home?

Manini Home is a company with extensive experience in designing and constructing eco-compatible and high-energy-efficiency homes.

Selecting Manini Home means entrusting a team of qualified professionals who will guide you through every stage of the process, from designing to constructing your green building.

Manini Home offers customized housing solutions tailored to each client's needs, consistently ensuring high standards of quality, comfort, and environmental responsibility.


Cost of a Manini Home Green Building

The cost of a Manini Home green building varies depending on several factors, including dwelling area, chosen finishes, and installed technological systems.

On average, however, the price ranges between €2,000 and €4,000 per square meter, depending on the selected materials.

This initial investment translates into significant long-term savings due to lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, Manini Home green buildings are equipped with energy certifications that guarantee a high level of efficiency and a higher property value over time.

Choosing a Manini Home green building signifies making a secure investment for the future, benefiting one's well-being, that of the environment, and future generations.


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