13 August 2022

REAL ESTATE: Relais Boutique Winery in Florence: amid fine wines and relaxation at the spa

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REAL ESTATE: Relais Boutique Winery in Florence: amid fine wines and relaxation at the spa

Located a few kilometers from Florence, the property is perfectly situated for easy access to major art cities such as Florence, San Gimignano, Pisa and Siena. 
The dual soul of Manini's proposal includes wine production and a charming guest house

A location with unique qualities, for a Relais Boutique Winery that combines a passion for wine (and its production) with an elegant guest house and spa.

The relais is a true jewel composed of 7 apartments and 2 suites, with a spa available and the possibility of tasting the winery's wines in the cellar.

It is located in a dominant panoramic position, surrounded by Chianti vineyards, nature and silence, a unique iconic place that represents Tuscany at 360°: in fact, the complex is located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in the municipality of Castelfiorentino.

The location is strategic, 35 km from Florence airport and 55 km from Pisa airport.

The company that had chosen it, before implanting the production, in 2002, carried out a careful study of the territory to determine the most suitable land for the production of high quality wines: the choice fell on this land, where new vineyards were planted and existing ones renovated. 

In fact, the land surrounding the Relais has unique qualities: it is rich in complex nutrients, being of fossil origin - from the Pliocene era (the final phase of the Tertiary era that began about 65,000,000 years ago) - and fossil shells (formerly the seat of the sea) from which the origin of one of its wines specially named FOSSILIA IGT).

It is also clayey in nature, a soil therefore where the vines can express the maximum development in a unique and natural ratio environment, for which the company has opted for the organic method, without spoiling the basic qualities. 

The countryside of reference, in addition to the vineyard with irrigation system (which produces Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon White Valmasia and Vermentino), also consists of a wonderful olive grove, a good part of pasture and the rest of wooded area, totally preserved.

The winery built in 2009 is equipped with vitrified concrete tanks, stainless steel tanks and is fully managed through an advanced temperature control system using dedicated software. Integral to the equipment are oak barrels, barriques, terracotta jars for aging wine and tonneaux, as well as complete bottling and bottle packaging equipment. 

The vineyards and the countryside surrounding the Relais guarantee an atmosphere that is difficult to replicate, as do the panoramic sunsets over the Tuscan countryside, which blend perfectly with the elegance of the proposed accommodations.

Not only wine, in fact!
The property is also dedicated as a tourist residence and consists of two buildings, in addition to the Dependance, where the bar and restaurant are located near the pool.

The materials with which the property was renovated are of great value and great research, special objects and pieces of art create a sophisticated yet authentic environment.

The property complex of about 2,040 square meters is entirely and cleverly connected by internal passages, furnished with fine finishes, and is absolutely very bright in all rooms, thanks to the large windows overlooking the cypress trees of the white access roads and the Tuscan hills, known worldwide for their gentleness.

The exclusive wellness center, of about sqm 220, the large garden, the outdoor spaces destined to various uses (sqm 4,300), the outdoor swimming pool with panoramic view (sqm 77) make this Relais a real paradise surrounded by greenery.

The property therefore has the dual soul of Farmhouse and Winery and Relaxation and wellness center for its guests. Clearly it can be used for either or both functions.

But.... why limit yourself to one?



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